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If you're looking for casual dating in Carlisle, then is the UK's best website for no-strings dating. From quick hook ups, to casual relationships and naughty flings, we have it all here. We've got thousands of members who are all looking for no strings fun, many of which are based in Carlisle.

Many people look to casual dating to get their romantic fix as they don't want the commitment of a relationship and want all the fun that comes with something non-committed. Our website is divided into three sections; Naughty, Mature and Single so you can easily find just the right person for you.

Once you find that someone, taking them on date in Carlisle should be a breeze. There are plenty of places to go where you can get to know each other before things heat up. Head to the pub for a quiet pint and find out what makes each other tick at somewhere like the Cumberland Inn or the Woodrow Wilson. Afterwards, go for a bite to eat at Bijou or The Viceroy and see where things take you – who knows where you'll end up once the date is over?

Signing up to takes a few minutes and it's completely free to create an account and start browsing for your ideal date. Everyone is fun and friendly, so you shouldn't have much trouble finding your next casual date in Carlisle today.

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