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We know that dating can be hard work, and it doesn't always pay off – especially for those who don't have time to pursue something serious. That's why is geared towards people just like you, looking for casual singles, adult liaisons and mature dating. It's also a great way to see people and get to know more of the city, especially if you're new to dating in Dundee!

The city itself is perfect for those looking to get to know each other – perhaps you'd like to take your date for dinner and drinks at the famous Duke's Corner, or take an afternoon instead to explore the Campertown Wildlife Park. The nightlife is just as varied, especially in the Hawkhill and West End area, so if you're after a night on the tiles, there's no better place to be than Dundee!

Of course, the city's many attractions fade in comparison to a good companion for the night, so it's important you find the right match for a date in the city. We promise that everybody you see on is completely genuine – you won't find any fake profiles, no spam messages and no hidden fees. Your experience with us should be as easy-going as the date itself – so you can browse and chat with potential matches in peace!

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