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If you're looking for casual dating in Lisburn or the surrounding area, is the perfect place to start. We have hundreds of members looking for no-strings-attached fun, from steamy hook-ups to just a few laid-back dates in the town centre with no long-term obligations.

Dating is a lot of fun, but if you're not looking for anything more, it can be difficult to stay in the game. That's why at our members are here for the same reason as you – fun, hook-ups and no-strings-attached dating. We do most of the work for you, so once you create your profile all you need to do is start browsing, chatting, and arranging meet-ups!

Lisburn is the best place to go for a casual date; while others may head to Belfast for a night out, you get to enjoy the chilled out nightlife here in town without dealing with the tourists. It's no secret that Ed's Bar and Grill is a local favourite, and it's perfect for getting to know each other in a fun atmosphere, but if you'd rather a good cosy pub for a couple of drinks, swing by the Maghaberry Arms instead.

Of course, wherever you decide to take your date for the evening, it's who you're dating that matters most. Here at, you can use our site safe in the knowledge that all our members are 100 per cent genuine – you'll find no fake accounts here, nor any spam messages. What you will find is hundreds of people just like you, with no interruptions to your browsing!

Setting up your account is really simple; all you have to do is create a profile, with some information about yourself and a nice photo, then start browsing the site's members for free. Get registered today and you could find yourself a date for tonight – so stop waiting, and get out there!