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Looking for no-strings-attached dating in Norwich? has you covered. We're the UK's number one site for casual dating, with hundreds of members in the Norwich area looking for fun hook-ups and laid-back dating. Whether you're seeking a steamy night in or a fun night out, we know you'll find it here.

It's not always easy to get into the dating scene, especially if you're not looking for serious dating. That's why at our members are here for the same thing you are – just singles seeking singles for a good time, with no long-term obligations. We've taken the hassle out of seeking a match, so you can get on with actually dating them!

Norwich is a great city for casual dates, and you'll find that our members have the low-down on the best places to go for a good time. If you're looking for the classic dinner-and-drinks kind of date, there are endless options, but our favourite is the Oasis, an Indian restaurant set inside a beautiful converted church. There's also the Belgian Monk if you fancy something a bit swankier, and a couple of beers afterwards at the Fat Cat won't go amiss. For those who'd prefer an afternoon date, head to one of Norwich's many cafés, or take an intimate picnic around the many gardens and parks across the city.

Whatever you decide to do, we know it's the person you're with that matters most. You'll soon notice here that there are no spam messages and no fake profile on the site – and we promise you won't find any during your time on the site. All you'll find is 100 per cent genuine members looking for casual dating in Norwich.

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