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If you're looking for casual dating in Salisbury, you've come to the right place! At we're the UK's number one website for adult dating, and with hundreds of members in the Salisbury area we know you'll find your perfect match here, whether you're after a steamy night in or a chilled-out date on the town.

The dating game can be difficult to keep up with, especially if you don't have the time or the inclination for serious dating. That's why we offer a service dedicated to casual dating – we help get you matched with other people seeking hook-ups, fun and excitement, so all you need to do is browse, chat and arrange a date.

There's more to Salisbury than Stonehenge, as any of our members will tell you – in the city centre there are endless opportunities for dinner, drinks and dancing, as well as a few other options for the more adventurous. You have to know the city to know where to go, but you can't fail at Charter 1227 for an intimate meal and a bottle of wine to get the evening started. Of course, a night out isn't complete without heading to the Chapel Nightclub, set inside a converted chapel (complete with church pews) – although those seeking something a little different may prefer an afternoon date with a walk and a picnic for two at the Old Sarum castle ruins.

Of course, it's not just where you go that's important, but the person you go there with – finding a place to get to know each other is only half the fun! ensure that you'll never see a fake profile or get a spammy message on our site – so you can chat and browse in peace.

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